Spinal Tap Pinball
This is Spinal Tap
Spinal Tap Pinball

Spinal Tap Pinball

Spinal Tap is one of the most successful British metal bands of all time, they embark on their biggest tour in the US to promote their new album ‘Smell The Glove’. The tour is so big that it attracted the attention of filmmaker Marti DeBergi, who decided to make a movie out them. What he ended up with was something quite unexpected: nothing short of the typical ‘rockumentary’—shocking, wild, funny, and totally memorable.

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About the Spinball Tap Pinball Machine

Packed with features including;

  • 27 Inch backglass LCD monitor

  • Traditional DMD display

  • Stainless steel ramps

  • Quick-release steel metal Lockdown bar

  • Original Spinal Tap soundtracks

  • Cut video scenes from the original movie

  • Replica models of famous TAP guitars

  • Lifetime PCB support

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