Ocean King Arcade Case Study
Production Line for Ocean King Cabinets

Without Highway Games, the Ocean King fish market in Europe and USA may not have existed……..


In 2013, Highway Games saw an opportunity to introduce video fish games into the western marketplace. Games such as Fish Hunter and Shark King had done well in Asia but had failed miserably in export markets such as USA.

Highway Games approached International Game Systems (IGS) with the idea of modifying their software for distribution. After paying for coding changes and improvements, the product was ready for testing.

Highway first tested the product in Hawaii. The product was refined a number of times at Highway’s costs, and after paying for additional improvements to both IGS and International Currency Solutions (ICT), bill acceptors and thermal printers were added. This was the first time fish machines had such functions. With changes in game algorithms and percentage payouts, the product was ready for release.

Immediately, the machines were an instant success. We are not exaggerating when we say that Highway had created instant millionaire game operators. We had customers who were jewellers or green grocers closing their stores to open video redemption stores using our products. All along, Highway was coaching them how to operate the equipment, and how to maximise profits, but at the same time, give the game players good returns and enjoyment.

Highway Games then embarked on a promotional campaign that saw the machines advertised at various trade events in USA, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, Italy, and Macau as well as to over 100,000 customers in Highway Games database.

Ocean King spread quickly into mainland USA and Europe where we created various versions for different markets. The return on investment took approximately 3-7 days (after 7 days, the machine has paid for itself). Years later, the products are still popular.

Over time, a number of competitors entered the market. Some created alternative products, some made copy products, and others copied Arcooda machines and then misrepresented these machines as their own. You can see many examples on Alibaba and Youtube where they have taken our products and videos and then relisted as their own. Our competitors even phone our support lines to get advice and pretend to be customers to learn about the products they are trying to sell.

The difference between Highway Games and others, is that we learn the product from the ground up, understand coin operations, and that the product needs to be as perfect as possible right from the beginning. Its why customers even today contact us, and praise our ability and products;

“The only fish games that have not given me this type of trouble are the ones that I have purchased directly from Highway games.”

KB, USA Aug 2020


If you feel you have a product suitable for the coin-operated arcade or gaming industries, and would like to cooperate with Highway Group for further product development and distribution, please contact us.


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