Game Wizard Case Study
The best of arcade gaming

Game Wizard – What is it?

Game Wizard © & ™ is an Australian patented product that covers a family of arcade cabinets and product developed by Highway Group. The goal is to combine the best of Arcade Gaming, and of Home Gaming to provide the most economical arcade gaming cabinets to bot the home and coin operated markets.

Designed with interchangeable control panels and components, Game Wizard allows real plug and play of virtually all current gaming consoles, JAMMA and JVS arcade game boards, and more. No technical skills needed, and changing consoles is as easy and unplugging/re-plugging the HDMI and USB cables. With firmware that has been constantly updated, our goal is for our customers to have a product that can be ready for future technology.

We love arcade gaming, and want to share our passion. It’s why Game Wizard was born.

Before we Start – Some History

From Street Fighter, to NBA Jam, Virtua Striker to Tekken and back, Highway Group has sold it to arcade operators in either dedicated cabinet or game kit. We were one of the major sales companies for Sega, Namco and Atari/Midway during the game kit peaks, and was the first to introduce Tekken 6 and Street Fighter 4 to the European arcade operators. Since then, Street Fighter 5 was never released outside of Japan…..

Highway Group has been selling arcade machines for 30+ years and we understand the limitations of both the arcade and home gaming sector. Use home controllers/consoles in an arcade environment will end in tears as the products will fall apart within few weeks. Use arcade game boards in home environment needs technical experience and high costs – often we receive phone calls with panic customers who did not realise they have destroyed their game boards by having voltages plugged in wrongly or too high.

Our goal, to create an arcade cabinet that requires little technical skill, can handle all types of games, be constantly upgradeable, and be capable of playing hundreds or thousands of games in one game library at a Japanese arcade cabinet standard.  

SF4 & Tekken 6 Europe Release ATEI UK
SF4 & Tekken 6 Europe Release ATEI UK

Game Wizard, the Journey….

Game Wizard Arcade 2013
Game Wizard Demonstration (2013)

In 2012/13, Highway started working on a variety of cabinets and designs. The design needed to have great functionality, to include regular arcade game boards/play as well as home gaming. It means that you can operate the latest arcade games, or, game consoles in your arcade machine.

Highway started to experiment and field test versions of the Game Wizard machine. During this phase, we asked gamers what they found important, what cabinet designs they looked for, and also what experience levels they had. We wanted to provide a product that was the highest standard possible, that would outlast other cabinets, but, provide long life and support changing technology.

Game Wizard started to take shape, Japanese Sanwa joysticks and buttons with console style configuration, USB inputs, HDMI outputs, custom IO boards such as the Highway IO board, and monitors field tested for non ghosting images.

By the time we finished, we had tested the machine at various locations, gaming events, trade shows, street locations and home users. We wanted the machine to be the best it could be – and yes, its over engineered, but we wanted a product that could be updated easily by the owner and that one cabinet can have hundreds, or thousands of games. “Game Never Over” is really achieveable with the game wizard products.

At every event we attended, the results were the same, long lines of people waiting to play. We believed we had achieved the same feeling as playing the software title in your arcade store…the only difference was that the cost of the home software was around 1% of the arcade software price.

So far so good….

University Gaming Competition
University Gaming Competition

What Does Game Wizard Offer?

Game Wizard Xtreme Games
Game Wizard Xtreme Games

Game Wizard machines offer endless gaming options, and is currently compatible with XBOX 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Raspberry Pi, Android, JAMMA Boards, JVS late model arcade game boards and more. It is all plug and play with no additional modifications or wiring needed. Continuous firmware updates (Nintendo Switch is the latest firmware released free to owners) means the machine will be upgradable for the latest consoles.

Game Wizard also supports keyboard + arcade joystick + console controller + touch screen game play (choose any option). It has interchangeable control panels for different gaming genres, and can easily link to your gaming libraries on Google, Steam, XBOX, Playstation, EPIC, Ubisoft and more. One cabinet, now had endless choices. View an example video showing how easy it is to enjoy your game libraries.

With Game Wizard, play what you want, how you want.

Game Wizard Has Many Models

Highway Group has released many world first machines, beside our touch screen multifunction pinball machine, it all started with Game Wizard. Arcooda is developing both high end and entry level home gaming products suitable for your requirements. From Game Wizard Android arcade machines, to motion simulators.

Play as hard as you want. Our machines are Virtual Reality ready, gun shooters – no problem (yes, plug and play), and some surprises yet to be announced.

The Game Wizard lineup includes an ever expanding range of arcade cabinets.

What is the difference between Arcade and Arcooda Gaming?

Arcade Arcooda Gaming
Arcade Arcooda Gaming

Cost, technical skills, multigame play, and more….   In this example, we will compare Tekken 7;

– ARCADE = 2x arcade cabinets, 2x arcade game boards, Installation of kits  = $16,000+ cost
– ARCOODA = 1x arcade cabinet, 1x Playstation 4, game software= $4,460 cost

Then, say we add another quality game, Street Fighter 5;

– ARCADE = 2x arcade game boards, Installation of kits  = $8,000+ cost
– ARCOODA = game software = $50 cost

Summary of 2 game cost =  Arcade Method $24,000 vs Arcooda Method = $4,510, for “like vs like”, that is a saving of $19,490 or 81%. As you add more current new games, the costs only rise by the cost of the software, and, games are added to the existing machine library. In our comparison, we are using the highest quality parts/comparison for “like vs like”.

With Game Wizard, there is no need for technicians, you are in control.

Van Helsing & Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Demo

With true arcade gaming, you need high technical skills to install the current games. As each arcade factory has different components/systems, with different wiring plugs and connections. When you go to install a new game into the machine, if you have a different factory product, most times you need to replace existing wiring to make the new game board. If you go back to the old game, you guessed it, you need to reinstall the old wiring harnesses. Then, you also run into other technical issues – arcade games are running at 15khz, 24khz, 31khz, 720P or 1080P.

With Arcooda Gaming, just connect your current console or PC into the Game Wizard machines (connect the HDMI + 2x USB cables from the Arcooda machine to your console/PC), connect your games libraries (XBOX, Playstation, Steam, Google, EPIC, Ubisoft, etc.) and enjoy thousands of games on the one machine. And yes, in addition to this, Game Wizard machines support all JAMMA and current arcade game boards.

Is Game Wizard Really the Best?

Tencent Arcade Machine Development
Tencent Arcade Machine Development

We believe so.

Recently, the #1 software games company in the world, Tencent, contacted us to cooperate for cabinet designs for their game software. The starting point was Game Wizard Xtreme…..

When we say Game Wizard is the most advanced joystick cabinet in the marketplace, we mean it. If you wonder how all our competitors products have started to look similar to ours, you will understand have we have invested heavily into R&D to release products well before they are mainstream and highly suited for long term use.

Ready for Game Wizard 3.0 ?